Welcome to the PVHS Band Page!!!

The Platte Valley High School Bands are directed by Katrina Jakus, and has a variety of different bands to choose from...

Concert Band (All year)-  The concert band is the primary performing ensemble and will focus on performing standard concert band repertoire. In this group, students will focus on ear training, basic music theory, knowledge of musical terms and musicianship. This band will perform in at least 1 festival along with 2-3 other performances throughout the school year. Concert band begins after Marching/Pep Band season ends in November.

Marching Band (Fall Quarters only)- The marching band is a large performing ensemble made up of students enrolled in concert band during the fall semester. The purpose of Marching Band is to further the student's musical horizons by providing them with a basic understanding of street and field marching techniques. Maximum emphasis will be placed on students learning to play their instruments musically within the marching format. The Marching Band will perform at 1 Marching Festival, 1-2 Marching Competitions, at least 2 parades and at half-time during home football games. Attendance in all Marching Band functions is not only necessary to maintain a high level of achievement but is MANDATORY.

Pep-Band (Fall & Winter Quarters)- The purpose of this ensemble is to support our athletes and provide entertainment for Broncos fans at home varsity football, volleyball, and basketball games. it is a great opportunity to have fun, show pride in our school and support our athletes. Pep Band meets during the same class time at Concert Band & Marching Band during the Fall and Winter. Unless special arrangements have been made, all pep Band participants must be enrolled in Concert Band.

Jazz Band (Morning Rehearsals)-  The Jazz Band is a performing Ensemble dedicated to playing and learning about the only large style of music that originated in the USA. Along with playing and learning about standard repertoire, this group will also be introduced to the history, style and performers of the genre. In order to receive a balanced music education, it is required that all Jazz Band Students be enrolled in at least one Semester of Concert Band and or Marching band as well. The Jazz Band will perform at 3 concerts during along with selected festivals.
***Prerequisite- Must be enrolled in one semester of Concert/Marching Band for the current year***

****Enrollment in any of the bands must be for the entire 1st, entire 2nd or entire year. Students may NOT sign up for this class for a partial semestar.****